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The OT Complex

We have established state of art OT complex, two newly renovated OR with latest anesthesia and ,HD camera and screen. We have team of trained, experienced and skilled OT technicians helping our professional surgeons to carry out all sort of advance procedures.

The surgical department has three fully equipped operation rooms with

OT has the facility to perform Elective / Emergency as well as advanced surgical procedures including;

General & laparoscopic Surgeries
Orthopeadic & Spine Surgery
Urological Surgery
Gynecology & Obstetrics

Our well-equipped operating theatres help us tackle high-risk obstetric surgeries, gynaecological surgeries like abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy, debulking surgeries and emergencies like Ectopic pregnancy, and a twisted ovarian cyst apart from routine.

We also offer laparoscopic surgeries for diagnosis and treatment of tubal and pelvic adhesions causing infertility, ovulation induction by ovarian drilling, laparoscopic assisted hysterectomies and treatment of endometriosis.

Surgical Microscopes

Recently added Surgical Microscope for Otolaryngology (cochlear implant) and other specialized Neuro & Spinal surgeries, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Ophthalmological surgeries.


The medicine department offers extensive patient care services. The medicine faculty comprises of qualified senior professionals. The medicine department is providing the professional services in the following areas;

General Medicine|Gastroenterology |Pulmonology |Endocrinology |Cardiology

The department has the facility of following services through qualified physicians;
Endoscopy department offers all GI procedures including diagnostic and therapeutic Gastroscopies, Colonoscopies, Esophageal Stenting and ERCPs for OPD and IPD patients.

The medicine department is supported by ward, HDU & ICU facility. The ICU is equipped with latest equipments supported by trained and experience ICU technicians with round the clock availability of specialized critical care doctor. We have 8 bedded ICU with under mentioned facilities.


The obstetrics & gynecology department of Midciti hospital offers comprehensive gynecological & obstetric care through its state of the art facilities and a dedicated team of well-qualified gynecologists and obstetricians.

The department provide facilities for antenatal check-up, gynecological problems, infertility clinics, contraception and family planning along with ultrasound facilities with TVS and Doppler.

The obstetric In-patient department is supported by well-trained obstetricians, anesthesiologists, Neonatologist, and other surgical & medical specialist to cater every segment of evaluation, diagnosis and care of the high risk obstetric patient.

Our delivery room helps in creating a comfort zone for the labor patient by facilitating painless delivery.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit started with the facility of phototherapy, blood exchange transfusion and mechanical ventilation for low birth weight and sick neonates. The unit is supervised by a full time Neonatologist with the support of skilled NICU technicians. Under mentioned facilities are available at NICU;


OPD services through pre appointments and walk In patients through qualified consultants in the following specialties.

Medicine |Cardiology |Obstetrics & Gynecology |Gastroenterology |Chest Diseases| General Surgery |Pediatrics |Endocrinology | Neurology| Orthopedic & Spine |Urology| ENT| |Dentistry |Psychiatry |Dermatology| Nephrology |Ophthalmology |

In-Patient Accommodation Facility

The in-patient facility comprises of under mentioned accommodation option


Clinical Laboratory & Blood Bank

Quality Policy; The Diagnostic Services maintained strict internal and external quality procedures right from the sample collection till the delivery of final report. The result thus obtained is reliable, accurate and authentic.
Midciti have an excellent Clinical Laboratory department that works round the clock. Our Laboratory is providing Covid 19 PCR Test and Covid Rapid Antigen testing services.
Imaging Services through 500 MA machine with CR reporting system.

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